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Agentur Ananas

Photo course with smartphone

Better photos with mobile phones

We take photos at every opportunity: people, animals, landscapes, special situations - the smartphone, always with us, makes it easy.

The countless snapshots end up somewhere in the storage. And we never look at them again.


Does that sound familiar?


Thanks to a few tips and tricks, you can take pictures with your mobile phone that you won't forget.

In just a few hours, you'll learn from an experienced photo coach how to use light in a targeted way, what to look out for in a portrait, or how to get interesting landscapes into the right frame. And how to take good cat photos!

We will practice extensively and discuss what we have photographed. And there are tips for suitable photo apps and for post-processing.

  • Saturday 15 October 2022

  • Saturday 19 November 2022

  • The courses take place in the Murten area, last half a day and cost CHF 240 per person (excluding VAT).

  • Which smartphone brand you have does not matter.

Registration and information:
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